Gold Calling Card!

Gold phone card provide a great and cheap way for domestic and international calling. Using a Gold Calling Card will significantly lower down your monthly long distance call bills. Gold can be used from all types of mobile phones or from home phone .It is a great and inexpensive method of staying in touch with your friends, family, boss or work, whether your calling to a mobile phone or a private home number or even a work phone. Gold online international calling guarantee you cheaper rates to call all of your international and domestic than your normal service providers. And if your looking for reliability then rest assured their is none better to use than Gold phone cards.

Gold calling card could be purchased online on Ontario Phone Cards and Gold Line Calling Cards web sites.

The Gold Line calling cards

Gold Line is one of the most reputed service providers when it comes to the online phone cards. The company offers different ranges of the online calling cards that are released under different brand names. These calling cards are designed especially considering the needs of the specific niches from the target segment. Each of these calling card brands has its own set of the advantages which help the people in enjoying uninterrupted communication in the different parts of the world. In order to facilitate the immigrant community the Gold Line has developed special online calling cards that facilitate them to make long distance calls while keeping their expenses controlled and enjoy better rates than those provided by the traditional calling plans. Other cards designed by Gold Line like Gold calling card also focus on factors like frequency of calls, talk time and other related features.
Gold Line is also responsible for providing services for other online phone cards like;

a) 20/20
b) Sangam Plus
c) CiCi
d) Gold
e) OLA
f) Good Call
g) Africa Call
h) Hi Calling Card

One of the most popular online calling card released by Gold Line is the Gold Phone Card. This card has no hidden charges, which is the reason is it perfect for making multiple calls. The Gold Phone Card offers the same quality in service as the CiCi calling cards, but it also has a service fee which is charged on every third minute of the call.