CiCi Calling Card

According to most calling card expert opinions, CiCi Calling Card is Canada's most popular and reliable prepaid calling card. CiCi Calling Card offers lowest international long distance rates and provides significatly better long distance lines than most other prepaid phone cards in Canada. CiCi could be used from all over Canada; calling card has access numbers in most cities in Canada and no-extra-charge toll free access number (rates using 1-800 access number are the same as with using local access numbers). CiCi is also known for its tremendous customer support in which it excels all other calling card companies in Canada.

CiCi calling card could be purchased online on CiCi Calling Card web site.

If purchased online calling card and other information will be delivered by email.

Presently Ontario Phone Cards offers 10% discount on all online CiCi purchases.

CiCi calling cards have the support of Canada’s largest online calling cards supplier that caters to the communication needs of the seventy percent of the online calling cards Canadian market. This company is also responsible for issuing more than a billion long distance minutes every month. For the immigrant community living in Canada the CiCi online calling cards is the best thing that ever happened in the telecommunication industry as it allows them to make calls while enjoying reasonable rates and keeping their expenses in control. Some of the salient features offered by the CiCi online calling cards include;

1. Reliable services as it offers stable connection for making long distance calls.
2. Relatively higher rates for these online calling cards as they offer premium services focusing on quality like; voice clarity, no line distortion, no fees of any kind etc.
3. Provides comprehensive details as minute by minute billing.
4. The talk time minutes are the same as those advertised on the cards.
5. These cards can be used from anywhere in Canada.
6. Even the areas with no local access number will not be charged any extra fee when using these cards.