Bita Calling Cards!

Bita calling card offer clean second-by-second billing and absolutely no hidden charge. The only potential extra charge is for calls from public or pay phones. Bita offers competitive long distance calling rates for call form United States to most world calling destinations. Bita calling card service is provided by North America's largest supplier of prepaid calling cards. Unlike all other calling card suppliers, Bita calling card supplier owns its own backend infrastructureneeded for proving compete long distance solution.

Bita Calling Card is available for purachse online at Bita calling card web site.

Some of the impressive features of the Bita Calling Card include;

1. Provision of the exact minutes as talk time, as advertised by the service providers.
2. The usage of these cards is focused around one minute increment approach, which means even if the caller has talked for less than a minute they will be charged on per minute basis.
3. The Bita Calling Cards expire after six months or a hundred and eighty days of their first usage.
4. The service providers of the Bita Calling cards extend excellent customer service support that can be contacted around the clock, seven days a week. Also they provide support in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu, Farsi, Greek, Vietnamese, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Turkish languages.
5. Those who buy the Bita Calling Cards through the online retails and the stores like will be able to receive their access to the PIN code on immediate basis through the email address they provided on the website.
6. The service provider for Bita Calling Cards is Gold Line, which has its own telecommunication infrastructure to support long distance calls. This way, Bita Calling Cards are able to offer better quality services to their customers.